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Adres: Brunssum, Limburg, Nederland

Warmest Aloha.
You're invited to join weekly meditations (15:00 Mondays & 19:00 Wednesdays), immersing into the angelic energy of the Amazing Angel Awakening Hall located at Dorpstraat 87, Brunssum.

You're also invited to connect with Nature & Self by joining Emma & me every Tuesday for a SILENT boswandeling in the Brunssummerheide starting at Restaurant Triade 44 at 10:00. (

No need to sign up; perhaps you may want to call to confirm the meditation or boswandeling is not cancelled. Then arrive, open to begin a journey releasing fear in all its facets and deepening connection with Source of Light & Love. Emma leads the weekly meditations in Dutch.

To experience the AAAH is to awaken to a greater Self. The AAAH is open to all seeking a deeper Spiritual awareness and may also be arranged for personal use, to just sit & relax in the sphere of Peace & Love, to read from the library of spiritual books, for conversation on A Course In Miracles or other spiritual inquiry. (On occasion, the AAAH is used by others for healing circles; high-sensitive women's circles; music circles and soon to be organized book discussions)... And I, Rogelio, provide grief & perspective conversation, as well as organizing special events such as:

with Mattijs; (he's astounding!)

And Wendy for Healing circles:

Feel free to contact me (Rogelio) with any questions.

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